FAQ - Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Grossmünster

How much does admission to the Grossmünster cost?

The admission to the Grossmünster is free of charge for quiet contemplation as well as visits.

To climb the tower and visit the bible collection, you need to pay an admission fee of CHF 5.–.
Students (with student ID), «KulturLegi» holders, pensioners and children/adolescents (6–16 years) only pay CHF 2.–.
Admission is free of charge for younger children (0–5 years).

Payments possible in cash, with credit card or with twint.

Do I need to whisper inside the Grossmünster?

Please show respect towards the church and abstain from loud conversations.

May I bring a picnic?

Eating and drinking inside the church is prohibited.

Am I allowed to take photos inside?

You are allowed to take photos for private use only. No flash or tripod is allowed. Please abstain from taking photographs during church service. The windows by Polke (stone) are protected by copyright. Please restrain from excessively taking selfies or private photo sessions.

Taking photos with a tripod or for professional, journalistic or commercial use is prohibited.

May I enter with a large bag or trolley?

Yes, you may enter with suitcases, backpacks, trolleys etc. However, you are not allowed to leave large items unattended – please check them at the reception instead. Trolleys or strollers may not be deposited in the entrance. Walking aids or wheelchairs are allowed.

Is the church accessible with wheelchairs?

The ground floor is accessible with wheelchairs. Unfortunately, the gallery, the choir, the tower and the crypt are not accessible yet. Wheelchair access to the gallery and a disability-friendly toilet will be realised during renovations that are planned for approx. 2024–2025.

Will I have access to hearing aids?

We provide an audio induction loop system for people using hearing devices, as well as additional hearing aids.

Can my dog come inside?

Animals may not enter the church. An exception is made for service animals.

Can I find any information in English or French on-site?

A few printed flyers and leaflets are available in English and French. Audio guides are available in French, Italian, English and Rhaeto-Romance. We also offer various private tours in English.

I lost my wallet, who can I contact?

Please visit the «Sigristenbüro» (sexton's office) in the choir on the left towards the back during the church's opening hours or write us a message.

What if we bring our own guide?

You're welcome to bring your own guide. We recommend reserving a time window to guarantee entry (at least 2 weeks in advance) & to profit from cheaper prices.
External guides must use «wisper technology» (audio set) to avoid disturbing other visitors. Upon request, we provide an audio set to all participants.

Adults accompanying minors are responsible for said minors. Audio guides are not given to children under 6 years of age. Drawing and writing is only allowed with (colour) pencils on a solid pad. Sitting on the ground (incl. stairs) is prohibited.

More information about group visits

I need help – who can I contact?

Our pastors are there for you.
    Sigrist Christoph, E-Mail, +41 44 250 66 65
    Rüsch Martin, E-Mail, +41 44 250 66 60

May I get married, have my child baptised or celebrate an abdication at Grossmünster?

Baptism, weddings, and abdications at Grossmünster are possible. To clarify general conditions and customs, please contact one of our pastors:
    Sigrist Christoph, E-Mail, +41 44 250 66 65
    Rüsch Martin, E-Mail, +41 44 250 66 60

Can I rent the church?

Yes, the church and rooms in the nearby Helmhaus can be rented for a concert or other event.
Learn more about renting the church or a room (German)

Can I come by car?

You are allowed to drive all the way to the Grossmünster in the morning between 5 am and 12 pm. However, to park there, you need a special parking permit (German).

For deliveries during events, you can organise a permit to drive inside the restricted zone after 12 pm. 
They are available:

  • at Bahnhofquai 5, ZVO counter, Monday through Friday, 6.30 am – 4 pm
  • online at www.parkkarten.ch (German)  (is immediately accessible and the permit can be printed at home)

The permit costs CHF 10.— for the day and must be visible under the windshield at all times. 

More information about access per car in this PDF by the city of Zürich.


Do you have other questions?

Write us a message below, send us an e-mail to sekretariat.kk.eins@reformiert-zuerich.ch or call our administration at +41 44 250 66 51.
We're looking forward to hearing from you!

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