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Augusto Giacometti

The Swiss artist Augusto Giacometti (1877 – 1947) is part of the famous Giacometti dynasty of painters. After his studies to become an art teacher (1894–1897), he studied under Eugène Grasset in Paris (1897–1901). In 1915, he put down roots in Zurich.

In 1917, Giacometti met the Dadaists Tristan Tzara, Marcel Janco, Sophie Taeuber-Arp and Hugo Ball. He participated in the 8th Dada-Soirée and became a member of the group of artists called «Das Neue Leben» («The New Life», 1918–1920).


One of the most renowned creations is the entrance to the police station in Zürich (1923–1925), also known as the «Giacometti hall». He immediately received considerable recognition for his work, which led to further important commissioned work.

«Master of colours»

He was one of the first artists in the 20th century, who dared take the step towards subjective, abstract art. Giacometti became one of the great colourists; his abstract paintings reflect his exhaustive study of the characteristics and rules of colour. «Meister der Farbe» («Master of colours») is inscribed on his gravestone.

Giacometti's stained glass windows

In 1929, he completed the colourful stained glass windows in the Protestant church in Frauenfeld, 1933 the windows in Grossmünster, 1937 those in the church in Adelboden and 1945 the stained glass windows inside Fraumünster in Zürich.

The three choir-loft windows inside Grossmünster tell the Christmas story in a blaze of colour. It may seem surprising that Mary stands out so strongly in a protestant church whereas the infant Jesus almost disappears at the hem of her blue cloak. Next to her, we see two of the Three Magi with precious gifts whilst angels with floral offerings hover above them.


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